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St. Baldrick’s Foundation is great way to fight childhood cancer

Ok it’s still tax season.  I just itemized my expenses and charitable contributions. I noticed I didn’t donate nearly as much in 2012 as the previous years. I made it a personal goal to donate more in 2013.  That all being said I wanted to share with everyone a great place to make a donation.

It could involve shaving your head. No I’m not suggesting you sell your precious pony tail to a doll manufacturer. Although I won’t judge you if you decide to do so!

If you do, donate those proceeds to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation signature event is head shaving. This foundation offers a unique way to have fun, raise money and most importantly help cure childhood cancer.

If you participate or host your own event “Shavees” ask family and friends to make donations on their soon to be shaved head.  These shavees will attend one of thousands of events around the world where they get their head shaved to help kids fighting cancer.

You can also of course just donate some of that tax return refund right here and keep your precious pony tail :-)

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Donation Page



First Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo

When I heard there was going to be a hot sauce expo in “New York City” my first reaction was…”Getta a rope” !

As a hot sauce manufacturer myself and an Irish one of that I know first hand all things hot are NOT south of the border.

I’m delighted to see Americans are becoming more accustomed to spicy food and seeking heat. As you will read on the NYC Expo website hot sauce production has been rated one of the ten fastest-growing industries in the United States. That’s pretty amazing and we are proud to be part of the heat seeking revolution.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area this April you’ll want to check out this event. Especially for those who can’t travel to New Mexico for the annual Fiery Foods Festival.

If you attend please send us some photos at

When: Sunday April, 21st 2013



New bottles are here! Thick Hot Irish Sauce

McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce (THIS)

McCoy’s THIS has a new label and packaging with the same great taste!

St. Patrick’s day may be over but summer is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate great outdoor cooking than using THIS to compliment your food.

There are two ways to shop:

1.  Use our very own shopping cart on  

2.  For customers that prefer Amazon click here to enjoy our Amazon store.

Shipping is expensive. If you buy 2 bottles, shipping is reduced. Three bottles or more and enjoy “Free shipping”.

Parchment Paradise

You know how I like my cast iron skillets! My next favorite thing is parchment paper. It is a bakers best friend. You don’t have to grease and flour the pan. Just line it with parchment paper your breads come out perfect every time like my banana nut bread pictured here.

Never have to worry about your cookies sticking to the cookie sheet again.

Buy some here – PaperChef Culinary Parchment Paper, 15-Inch by 98.4-Feet

parchment paper

parchment paper

New Pepsi bottle design

Pepsi is updating the shape of their bottles. They’re probably saving money on the smaller label while giving the ability for consumers to see more of the product. I can’t wait to grip one and see if my carple tunnel doesn’t hurt. It looks so ergonomically correct. :-) If they just made that middle a little more narrow, we’d have an Atlas 5 in our hands.

(Photo: PepsiCo)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! THIS Riverdance — McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce

Jiffy Crack Corn and you should care

Who needs a secret recipe? Jiffy had it right years ago. It’s as if Angels came down and shined a heavenly light on this black iron skillet corn muffin creation.

Here you go, Jiffy corn muffin mix in my seasoned black iron 8 inch skillet comes out perfect every time.  I have been using Jiffy mix forever. One box is perfect for a 8 inch skillet. I rub a little oil in pan with a paper towel before i pour in the batter.

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 8.5oz (Pack of 6)


Promote on our Blog!

Get your Irish band, pub, festival, gift shop or products all promoted. Right here, right now.

Anything food related we will post on this blog as well. It doesn’t have to be Irish. Food rules :-)

Pay $5 and lets get started on promoting whatever it is you need to promote.  If you don’t order the service, I don’t get paid, you don’t get promoted and basically everyone loses. Lets be winners!!!

Please vist today and Order this service.

Thank you for your support!



Irish American Heritage Center

WGN Radio St. Patrick’s Day Broadcast at the IAHC

Join Mr. Fix-it, Lou Manfredini, as he embarks on a new broadcast series, On the Road with Lou, a bi-monthly live show held at various locations throughout Chicagoland.

Stop by the Fifth Province on Saturday, March 16 for the first stop of On the Road with Lou, broadcasting from 6am to 9am.

Kick start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, solve your latest do-it-yourself problems and get chances to win great prizes. All are welcome to come by anytime between 6am to 9am for live traditional Irish music, step dancing, great Irish food and prizes.

To RSVP, call 773-929-9275.

Their website

Betty Crocker Baked Reuben

Ok so I decided to try out one of Betty Crockers recipes for a Reuben. They have a veggie one on there too. Whats the point?

However this baked version looked quite delicious so I gave it a try.

It was really good. I recommend it. Easy to make and you feel a little better that it’s bake if you’re still on a health kick after New Years still.

Of course I substituted the Thousand Island dressing with McCoy’s Irish Dressing (available to the masses soon)




Photo Credit: Betty Crocker please visit their site for the full recipe.

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