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Keltic or Seltic? How do you say Celtic? That is the question

I recently had a conversation with a relative of mine about various Irish topics. At one point he stopped and corrected me. I said Keltic and he said actually it’s pronounced Seltic. I thought he was kidding. I realized he wasn’t and didn’t want to debate him on it and certainly I have heard it said both ways so I conceded well that’s how I like to say it.

I never realized that a lot of people actually don’t know how to say the word Celtic. If you’re using it as an adjective it’s a hard C “Keltic”. If you’re referring to a sporting team it’s generally a soft C “Seltic”

The Boston Celtics and Glasgow Celtic soccer club are pronounced with an S. I have no idea why. Description Here

After also reading a few articles on the web which by default makes it true! :-)…. It seems Irish American’s tend to say Seltic more often than not.  The correct way is Keltic.

Now I’m sure I will get a few nasty grams about how your great grand pappy use to say Seltic and he swam here from Ireland in 1910.  In that case I’m guessing your grand pappy founded the Boston Celtics.

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CO2GAS Company

Dispense Gas for Your Pub Drinks.

CO2Gas is your specialist supplier of drinks dispense gas and cellar gas equipment with expert knowledge and commitment to providing the right solution

You may not know it yet but dispensing gas is a crucial and key component to one of the nation’s favourite beverages. We are, of course, talking about beer and larger. Why is beer fizzy, is a question often most asked, and what role does dispensing gas play in the important make-up of such a tasty drink.

In most cases all beer leaves the brewer already carbonated, this is accomplished in one of two ways, natural and then forced carbonation. Draught beer is however slightly different as it is served from a cask or keg as opposed to the more traditional bottle or can. What helps give draught beer its unique taste and texture is the way it is pressurised with a partial nitrogen gas blend.

For keg beers pressurised CO2 gas in the kegs headspace maintains the great tasting carbonation in the beer. The pressure varies depending on the amount of CO2 in the beer and dispensing the correct amount of gas is essential in getting a great tasting pint. Different types of alcohol may use alternative methods and gasses.

For example, nitrogen is used under pressure when dispensing dry stouts such as Guinness and other creamy beers because it displaces the carbon dioxide to for a nice tight head and a less carbonated taste. This helps give the stouts their unique and smooth taste and blend.

Beer from the traditional pressure-dispensed bar tap is served with the aid of external pressure from a cylinder of carbon dioxide. This is where dispensing gas and having a reliable and respected beer gas supplier is so essential for all publicans. After all, who likes a flat pint? Unless it is ale of course. The only drawback of this system is the frothy head which can be produced, meaning beer often needs to set or be ‘topped’ before consumption. This also means an inexperienced bartender may require a bit of practice before they pour the perfect pint.

So then, everyone raise a glass to the valuable gasses that make enjoying the perfect pint worthwhile.

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Based in Dublin, Ireland, available to the world, Irishop is your one-stop Irish online shopping portal for all things Irish. With more than 2,000 Irish and Celtic items, you’re sure to find what you need.

Find Dad that perfect Irish gift or Irish t-shirt.  Authentic Irish pub decor and glasses for his bar or a perfect St.Patrick’s Day party

Pub Glass

Pub Glass

If Irish clothing is on your list, select from their hundreds of Irish t-shirts, tweed caps and hats emblazoned with your favorite Irish phrases like Sláinte, or personalized clothing displaying your family crest or Irish coat of arms. Choose a luxurious Aran wool cardigan sweater or one of their authentic Guinness shirts.

Of course their online store features a wide variety of Irish gifts not just for Dad but everyone. 

Their Irish jewelry store features a dazzling array of quality Celtic and Irish Jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Beautifully crafted Irish Claddagh rings and necklaces, Irish wedding rings and bands, Celtic crosses, pendants, trinity knot rings and more. has been in business for over 15 years providing reliable, secure online shopping to customers in Ireland, in the USA and all around the world. 

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Two Fools Tavern – Albuquerque New Mexico Carries McCoy’s THIS

New Mexico is known for a lot of things.  Including chili peppers and hot sauce. In the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico is a great authentic Irish Pub.  What could be a better place to find Irish Hot Sauce?

Two fools Tavern has been carrying McCoy’s THIS (Thick Hot Irish Sauce) since spring of 2010.

Their pub slogan is ”Where the Craic is Mighty!”

They serve lunch, dinner and traditional Irish breakfast every Sunday. Followed by Sunday brunch served from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm with Celtic music from 11am to 2pm.  They welcome kids and family to enjoy the festivities.

Check out their website to find dates and times for live Celtic music

The picture shown is their fish and chips. A very popular dish at Two Fools.  It has won numerous awards over the years from local publications.

They make the fish with hand cut North Atlantic Haddock from a sustainable fishery.  They then batter it with the Two Fools Pale Ale then fry it to a golden brown.  Its accompanied with their house made tartar sauce and apple coleslaw, and of course a huge amount of fries to dip in McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce. 

Pub Information:

3211 Central
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505-265-7447

Hours of Operation:
Sun–Thurs: 11am–11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am–midnight



Two Fools Tavern Carries McCoy's THIS

Two Fools Tavern Carries McCoy’s THIS




2012-12-05 11.28.19

Space Oddity – Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station

This is awesome. A must see. News reports are saying Chris Hadfield did a great job lip syncing however the credits say all vocal and guitar is the Commander himself.  Great stuff!!!

Paddy’s on the Square and Irish Boutique are now carrying THIS!

McCoy’s THIS (Thick Hot Irish Sauce) is now available at three new locations in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Paddy & John Barry have been serving the north west suburbs of Chicago since 1973. The Irish Boutique & Paddy’s on the Square are located in the historic shopping district of Long Grove. Their newest store, The Irish Boutique of Crystal Lake, is located at the intersection of Rt.14 and Virgina Rd.

Ireland in America! Claddagh rings, wedding bands, Belleek, Waterford and Irish foods are featured. If you’re local you can get everything you need for an Irish Breakfast and more at the Irish Boutique. Long Grove or Crystal Lake locations. Shelf stable and frozen. They have a freezer right in the store. This store is a great resource for authentic Irish food.  Check out the photos I took below.

They have one of the largest selections of Irish Music and Books I have ever encountered. Matter of fact I will be posting some photos of meals I have been cooking from the wonderful cookbooks I bought there. Stay tuned for that!

The Irish Boutique specializes in:

Imported Irish and English Food - Shelf stable and frozen. Get everything you need for an Irish Breakfast here!
Claddagh Rings
Wedding Bands
Belleek China
Waterford Crystal
Wedding Accessories
Irish Fragrances

Paddy’s on the Square has two floors of:
Irish Cds and DVDs
Men’s Tweed Caps and Hats
Aran Knit Irish Sweaters
Irish Books
Family Name Giftware
Children’s Clothing and Gifts

The Irish Boutique Crystal Lake combines the best of both of the stores in Long Grove all under one roof. A special selection of Waterford Crystal.


Contact Information:

Historic village of Long Grove, Illinois.

The Irish Boutique
434 Robert Parker Coffin Rd., Long Grove IL, 60047

Paddy’s on the Square
228 Robert Parker Coffin Rd
Long Grove IL, 60047

The Irish Boutique Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake IL, 60014





To see more images of various products they carry please visit them on Facebook. Here’s a link to their photos… PHOTOS


Free Catalog of Irish Gifts and more – Creative Irish – Shop Irish


For our fans and supporters that prefer buying our product via catalog you will find McCoy’s THIS in the Fall edition of the catalog that should be out end of July.

Sign up for this free catalog for the many great gifts Creative Irish has to offer.

SHOPIRISH.COM, the online presence of Creative Irish Gifts, is the premier Irish store on the web featuring Irish themed jewelry, apparel, unique gifts, and many more other items.

SHOPIRISH is a proud receipient of numerous awards for outstanding customer service and performance, including BizRate 2001 “Circle of Excellence” Platinum Award.

SHOPIRISH visits Ireland to find most of our items, where our sources range from cottage crafters to brand name suppliers such as Belleek and Waterford. Also many of our Irish and Celtic themed items come from Scotland, Wales, England, Continental Europe, the United States and imported from Asia.

SHOPIRISH offers Web Exclusives for our online shoppers, a Buyers Club that allows you to save 10% on every order, Gift Cards to make getting the perfect gift a snap, and even have beautiful Irish e-cards you can send to friends and family for a taste of the Emerald Isle.

McCoy’s Celtic Fire Burger: Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

To honor #NationalHamburgerMonth I decide to cook an Irish spicy burger that I haven’t tried at home yet.

3/4 pound of beef hand mixed with chopped jalapenos

topped with….

Melted smoked Smoked Gouda Cheese

Fench fried onions

     Layer of McCoy’s THIS  Available on Amazon: McCoy’s THIS – Thick Hot Irish Sauce – 8oz Hot


Beef and Jalapenos

Beef and Jalapenos


McCoys Celtic Fire Burger

McCoys Celtic Fire Burger

Irish Breakfast at McCreary’s Irish Pub – Franklin Tennessee

If you have never been to Franklin Tennessee I suggest making the trip. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Nashville.

Downtown Franklin offers elegant shopping, restaurants, antique shops, a variety of clothing stores, and art galleries.

Once a year they have a free Irish street festival named the Franklin Main Street Brewfest. Here’s a link to check out all of the different festivals they have. Franklin Fests

In the midst of a popular southern destination for tourists and locals alike is McCreary’s Irish Pub. It’s a friendly and fun place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and of course a full bar. Everything you would expect from an authentic Irish Pub.

Photo by Debbie Smartt

Photo by Debbie Smartt

This is a great place to start the day in downtown Franklin on any given day but on the weekends you can enjoy some hearty breakfast proportions. McCreary’s breakfast is every Saturday-Sunday 9a.m-12p.m.

An interesting tidbit is all of their entrees come with the Black and Tan Bread or Soda Bread. Made fresh daily. 

Here’s a run down of just a few of the popular breakfast items.

- Irish Steel Cut Oats

- Irish Omelette with bacon, cheddar and our Irish potatoes mixed in.

- Bread Pudding French Toast consists of their homemade bread pudding grilled and topped with berries and syrup. Comes with a side of bacon or banger sausage.

- One of the most popular breakfast items is the Ulster Fry.  It’s the best way to try a little bit of everything they have to offer.  It comes with their homemade Black and Tan Bread, three banger sausages, three pieces of bacon, Irish Potatoes, grilled tomato slice, and eggs cooked your way and a side of corned beef.

Ulster Fry McCreary's Pub

Ulster Fry McCreary’s Pub


Stop by and try and them out you won’t be disappointed!


McCreary’s Irish Pub
414 Main Street
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 591-3197


Grilled Rosemary Potatoes on a Black Iron Skillet

No that’s not an ancient fossilized record of a prehistoric plant. It’s my version of Rosemary Potatoes on a, you guessed it… BLACK IRON SKILLET!

Rosemary is a natural antioxidant.  Both rosemary and sage are considered to help brain function and boost memory. This is a unique way to incorporate the two into your diet from time to time.  Not to mention the potatoes are absolutely delicious!


Pour olive oil in the pan for starters. Then I add rosemary and sage from my garden on the skillet.  Cut your potatoes lengthwise put cut side down season with salt and garlic powder. Place on grill turn every once in a while until potatoes are nice and crispy and done.

You can serve with butter or sour cream and of course it taste awesome with the mild or hot versions of McCoy’s THIS

 Available on Amazon: McCoy’s THIS – Thick Hot Irish Sauce – 8oz Hot

Grilled Rosemary and Sage

Grilled Rosemary and Sage

Grilled Potatoes with Rosemary and Sage

Grilled Potatoes with Rosemary and Sage

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