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Drinks gas for Pub Owners

Many people dream of being a publican but few realise the minor details that go into to running a successful pub. One of these oft overlooked aspects includes drinks gas and beer gas that are crucial to maintaining a fizzy and refreshing beverage for your clientele. For that reason you need a drinks gas supplier that is reliable and provides everything required.

Make sure you find a supplier whose every aspect of their service is based on commitment and putting your needs first. It’s ok to lean on and depend on their expertise and experience as well as their resources. A top quality beer gas supplier will think nothing of helping you manage your day to day needs as well as planning for the future.

Beer gas suppliers can help you choose a system that really meets your needs as well as upgrading any existing system should your business grow and flourish. Remember to shop around however and be sure to talk in depth to the companies in question who will supply the drinks gas, this will ensure you can rely on the very best equipment solutions and only the finest technology.

So what can you expect from your beer gas dispensing service provider? Quite simply they will do it all. This includes connecting cylinders at the point of use and removing empties. They will manage beer gas cylinder stocks for you as well as the continued guidance and expertise should you need anything else. The best part about this is that your beverages can all benefit from quality drinks gas.

Your beers will have a creamier longer lasting head, there will be less frothing and you may even notice an increase in the speed of dispensing. For those with a large bar and an array of products on show you can benefit from different ranges of gas for specific beverages. For more information be sure to conduct thorough research to get the most for your bar.


Review of McDonald’s Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder

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Fast food just got a little more spicy. McDonald’s recently released a new Quarter Pounder that’s layered in Habanero sauce.  The only thing Irish about this sandwich is the Mc in McDonalds but this blog is not just about Irish it’s about heat and spicy food. So here we go.

We all know the actual burger/sandwich never looks like the menu picture. So I included my own pictures below. I asked them for some of the sauce on the side.  They don’t provide condiment packets for it. So don’t be surprised if you get deer in head lights look if you do the same. Just ask them to put it in a small container. 





The Quarter Pounder Habanero Ranch is topped with cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and a habanero ranch sauce. I asked for it without the lettuce and tomato so I could really taste the sauce.  They don’t put a lot of sauce on it but for anyone that doesn’t like spicy it probably delivers a slight kick. For the rest of us I would say it’s a very low end medium burn.

However if you eat the sauce directly it’s more of a medium burn and leaves your lips burning slightly. It has a dry pepper chili con queso taste to it in my opinion. I don’t dislike it but I don’t want to drink it :-)

The ingredients are listed below. The sauce is basically mayo with spices and citric acid ingredients to keep the ph correct. There’s actually more Cayenne pepper than Habanero. I’m not surprised by this.

The bacon is not crispy how I like it but it does have a really good smokey flavor to it. The smokey flavor mixes nice with the dry peppery tasting habanero ranch.

A little pricey at $4 just for the sandwhich but I’m just happy whenever I see more spicy menu options fast food or not.

In support of bringing more heat to menus go out and get you one. Let us know what you think.


Ingredients: Water, Soybean Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Distilled Vinegar, Buttermilk Powder, Egg Yolks, Maltodextrin, Dried Cayenne Red Pepper Sauce (Aged
Cayenne Red Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic), Sugar, Corn Starch, Modified Food Starch, Contains 1% or Less: Salt, Spice and Spice Extractives, Natural Flavor
(Dairy and Animal Sources), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Lactic Acid, Habanero Pepper, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate
(Preservatives), Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Apple Cider Vinegar

Get McCoy’s THIS at “The BIG Irish Fair and Music Festival” – Southern California

Still got those St Patty day blues? You don’t have to wait until next March. This weekend Southern California is hosting the biggest and best in Irish Music, sports, art and food. I’m guessing they might sell a Guinness or two. Just a guess!

If you’re not already a loyal customer of McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce this is your chance to pick up a bottle.  Stop by the vendor booth of the Irish Import Shop. They carry McCoy’s THIS in their two store locations and will be selling our products at the fair this weekend.

Excerpt from Irish Imports website.

The Irish Import Shop was founded in 1962. It started out as a room in an apartment which was quickly outgrown, and so moved into a storefront on Beverly Blvd and Normandie which was at the time, the hub of the Irish community in Los Angeles. The Irish Import Shop has been at it’s present location, near the corner of Melrose and Vine Street, since 1988. We also have a store at 3985 Harney St in San Diego.

To learn more about Irish Import Shops here’s their website:


The BIG Irish Fair and Music Festival

Not that you need any more reasons to visit this fantastic festival but I would like to point out the opportunity to get a discount and help feed the homeless.

Food for the homeless:

Sunday morning between 9:30 & 10:30 am the Irish Fair will offer a $4.00 per person discount off the FULL adult admission of $18.00 to those who donate 6 cans of food or more.

If you would care to add to this effort your contribution would certainly be appreciated.
Sponsored by the Irish Fair Foundation and the  AOH LA County Board



When: June 15 & 16 (2013)

Where: The fair grounds are located on the South side of Irvine Lake. The best way to get there is:

From the North and East, Yorba Linda, Inland Empire:
Take the 91 freeway to the 241 Toll Road going south and exiting  at Sanitago Cyn. and drive east. (Follow the signs.)

If you do not want to use the Toll Road, take the 91 to the 55 south to the Chapman exit, (The 55 only exits going South).

Take Chapman east until it turns into Sanitago Cyn. and follow the signs.

Note, when you exit onto Chapman you will have about 15 min. of city driving until you reach Sanitago Cyn. Rd. and then about 10 min. to the park.

From Los Angeles or Northern Orange County:

5 freeway south, exit at Jamboree Road. Go northeast on Jamboree Road to Santiago Cyn. and make a right turn on to Santiago Cyn. and follow the signs to the park. 5 min.from Jamboree.

From the South, Southern Orange County:

Take 5 freeway south, exit at Jamboree Road. Go northeast on Jamboree Road to Santiago Cyn. and make a right turn on to Santiago Cyn. and follow the signs to the park. 5 min.from Jamboree. Or take the 241 toll road North to Sanitago Cyn. and drive east. This can be picked up at the Oso Parkway in Mission Viejo or from the 133.

How to get more information:!irish-fair/cy20




New Ruffles® Crispy Fries & Queso Jalapeno Potato Chips

(Image credt: 7-Eleven)

We have a passion for all new products.  When I see something unique and interesting come up I like to share it with everyone.

Ruffles is coming out with a new product this month that is a hybrid potato chip / french fry. I’m curious which one it taste more like. I’m also excited to dip them in McCoy’s THIS!!

The advertising is saying it’s a limited time. I’m guessing they want to see if it gets a good response or not.  They’ll be available in the grocery stores but seems 7/11 has a head start on carrying them June 23rd.


If you like Ruffles you might also want to check out

Ruffles Queso Jalapeno Potato 

Ruffles Queso Jalapeno Potato Chips 6.5oz Bag (Pack of 4)



Irish Wedding Table Decoration Idea – Green Ball Mason Jars

Irish Green Ball Mason Jars

Irish Green Ball Mason Jars

More and more people in the states are having Irish themed weddings. Also it appears with economy being the way it has for the last five years people are also eloping and throwing receptions when they get back home. Usually outside at a forest preserve or their parents huge back yard.

I’m constantly thinking of unique ways to incorporate the items I find when antiquing. The other day I came across these green ball jars at an estate sale.  If someone is having an outdoor reception these would make a nice addition to any center pieces you have on the guest tables.

Few options: (add candles, put flowers in them, add water with floating candles, put a piece of cake in it with the lid for anyone that wants to take them to go)

Now before you start imagining yourself on American pickers paying $300 for 20 of these out of some guys old dusty barn…. You’re in luck! They are on Amazon and there are some really cool green jars converted into soap dispensers. The theme is thickening! Outdoor hand-washing station for the germaphobes?

Some of these jars are listed as “blue” I’ve also seen them referred to as “antique green”

Feel free to email me any pictures of your own creative ideas with these jars. Best of luck!


Irish Green Ball Jars Soap Dispensers

Irish Green Ball Jars Soap Dispensers

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser with Copper Metal Pump – Blue Vintage Quart Jar Lotion Bottle – Vintage Blue Mason Jar


Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 6


Get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift McCoy’s THIS

For a limited time you can get this special 2 pack Father’s Day gift.

McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce – (THIS)

We are offering FREE shipping with this must have Father’s day gift. 

Gift includes 2 bottles (Mild/Hot), 2 Bar coasters in the shown gift bag with “FREE” shipping.

Only $21.99 These are LARGE 8oz bottles. 

McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce or (THIS), has achieved success with many Pubs and restaurants in Illinois, New Jersey, Miami, San Diego, Albuquerque – even in Montana and beyond.  THIS is a condiment made in Hot and Mild recipes and can be used on anything that you would put ketchup on like eggs, burgers, fries, bangers and much more.

  • THIS is an authentic Irish/American family recipe of specially blended peppers and over 15 other ingredients that make it thick so it will stay on your Pub grub and not run all over the plate.
  • THIS will augment your food and NOT overpower it with heat.  We have won taste-testing competitions simply because THIS “tastes” better.
  • THIS is All Natural, Gluten-free, low in Sodium & has 0 grams of fat!


Buy this wonderful Father’s Day Gift or Explore our website

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