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McCoy’s THIS participating in “A Taste 4 Sports”

McCoy’s THIS participating in “A Taste 4 Sports” providing sports programs for 1400 athletes with and without developmental disabilities.  Look for more blog posts with pictures and video of the event. For now, below is the official press release for the event. If you’re local to San Diego be sure to get a ticket to this event. (THURSDAY AUGUST 1st)  It will be fun and most importantly for a great cause. Today’s events are geared around promoting the event and getting the information to the public for Thursday.

San Diego, Ca — The 6th Annual “A Taste 4 SPORTS” celebrates America’s favorite pastimes: sports, eating, music, and shopping. “This is our largest and most fun event. Last year 400 attendees helped raise over $50,000. These dollars provide over 24 different sports programs for 1400 exceptional athletes with and without developmental disabilities throughout San Diego County, explains, Walter Jackson, Executive Director, Sports for Exceptional Athletes.

A Taste 4 SPORTS benefiting Sports for Exceptional Athletes ( takes place on August 1, 2013 from 6pm – 9:30pm at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. Attendees will mix and mingle with NBA Hall of Fame Player Bill Walton, local two-time gold medalist Monique Henderson, Mad Mike from “Pimp My Ride” and other celebrities. Monique Henderson will be honored as the ‘S4EASPORTS Woman of the Year’. “A Taste 4 SPORTS” features San Diego’s own ‘Steph Johnson Trio’ playing Jazz, Latin & Soul, delicious food and libations from fabulous restaurants, chefs and wineries. The “Sensational Silent Auction” features trips, getaways, autographed sports memorabilia and much more.

“A Taste 4 SPORTS” is Thursday, August 1, from 6pm – 9:30pm at the SD Hall of Champions (2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego 92101). Tickets are $60.00 per person inclusive of food and drink. For more details and tickets or call 858-565-7432.


New Release F A Taste 4 Sports Helping Exceptional Athletes

Irish O’Garlic Brats Soaked in Harp Beer and Grilled.

In our previous blog we wrote about Mars Cheese Castle. We found some wonderful products there.  Specifically Harps Lager, Johnsonville Irish O’Garlic Brats and Irish Harp Cheddar. I can’t find these Irish O’Garlic Brats anywhere but Mars Cheese, so if you’re local to Kenosha Wisconsin be sure to check that blog out.

Cooking with this combination of products was very simple. I slit the brats down the middle and soaked them in Harps overnight.  I then grilled them on the charcoal grill.  Before I took them off the grill however I layered the Irish Harp cheese over the brats and let the heat of the grill melt the cheese.

Served on a bun with McCoys THIS. That’s it. You can taste the Harps in the meat. Hands down best brat I ever had.  Enjoy!

Irish O'Garlic Brats soaked in Harp beer

Irish O’Garlic Brats soaked in Harp beer

Irish Cheese Harp

Irish Cheese Harp

 Cheddar Cheese Irish Harp by Wisconsin Cheese Mart

Mars Cheese Castle – One stop shopping for Irish, cheese and hot sauce products

If I died and went to heaven I would imagine the pearly gate gift shop would look like Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s a gift shop, it’s a grocery store, it’s a restaurant, it’s a bakery, it’s a liquor store and it’s a pub.

You can find a variety of hot sauces. Some are frankly novelty if you’re into buying crazy labels with the same sauce in every bottle. They also have some quality sauces including an end cap dedicated to Blair products.

What really surprises me about this store is they have a lot of Irish products.  Irish cheeses that’s a no brainer but they also carry Irish beers and some Irish meats.  Check out some of the photos from the store.

They do not however at the moment carry McCoy’s THIS. We will keep you updated if that changes in the near future. It’s definitely a perfect location for the product.

Mars Cheese Castle can’t be missed if you’re driving down 94. It’s a convient location right off the exit ramp.  Thier website (Mars Cheese Castle) doesn’t do any justice to how wonderful the store is in person. Check it out in person you wont be disappointed.






“Bacon Birds” Jalapeno’s on the grill threaded with Bacon

You heard it here first. We’re coining a new term to describe a merging of two great things. Jalapeno peppers and bacon.  We now introduce to you BACON BIRDS.

It’s very simple to make. Core out your peppers  removing the seeds and make a square incision on each side of the pepper.  Grill the peppers until they are soft. Put a little cheese inside but not higher than the incisions for the bacon. Thread the bacon through carefully. Now fill the rest of the pepper with cheese if desired.  Return to grill to melt the cheese.

These Bacon birds will take flight at any barbecue.  Grabbing the bird by the wing makes it an easy appetizer to get a hold of. Bacon Birds

Find lots of interesting food topics on including these Bacon Birds


Just looking for Irish Bacon? Find it on Amazon here or if you’re in northern Illinois check out one of our previous posts on Long Grove, Illinois. They keep the freezers stocked with Irish food.


Imported Breakfast Bacon. 5 Lb

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