Northern bean soup with smoked jowl


1 lb dried northern beans
4 cans swanson low sodium chix broth 14.5 oz
3 stalks celery
2 cloves garlic 2 carrots 1 med onion
2 tbs olive oi
1 smoked jowl (is cured and smoked cheek of pork)

Soak beans over night rinse take garlic carrots celery onion and chop in food processor.  Do carrots alone a little more chunkier put olive oil in soup pot and add garlic carrots celery onion and saute.  Do not brown.  Add beans chick broth a can water smoked jowl bring to a boil then turn it down and simmer until beans are nice and soft.

Take the jowl out and discard.

You pepper to taste .You can diced ham or bits of lean bacon. When cool I pour into plastic mason jars small for one person or larger for two people. Than freeze .

When I don’t feel like cooking I can un-thaw for a soup sandwich combo.  I do this with all my soups.

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