Irish Hot Sauce is a blog dedicated mostly to all things Irish. We wanted to accumulate resources about great food, great recipes, Irish Pubs, up and coming Festivals etc… Don’t be surprised if our Random Babble category has entries about space exploration, ufos or how it sucks the price of gas is climbing again! If it interests us we’re not shutting up. Enjoy :-)


It’s no mistake the name of our blog also describes a delicious product that we produce. We produce a gourmet Irish Hot Sauce called McCoy’s THIS. Thick Hot Irish Sauce.

THIS™ is a new kind of condiment that’s sweeping the nation, one Irish Pub at a time.  THIS compliments your food, it doesn’t over power it. It starts out sweet, ends with a kick and keeps you coming back for more. Put THIS on anything. For further information please visit http://www.PutTHISonit.com








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