Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast Kabobs


Who doesn’t love meat on a stick. Better yet, who doesn’t bacon, chicken and cheese on a stick! Here’s a quick and simple recipe. Great for any meal or appetizer for a small get together. Compliments of Ainge Earney.




3 Chicken Breast

6 Strips of Bacon

Cheddar Cheese

Garlic Salt

Black Pepper (use cayenne pepper for spicy)


Cut chicken breast in half (like a hamburger bun) but not all the way through leaving enough meat to keep the breast together

Put chicken in plastic bag and pound down to about 1/4″ thick

Rub chicken with pepper and garlic on both side (use to your taste, but don’t use too much garlic salt as the bacon adds tons of salt. You could use garlic powder.

Lay chicken on baking pan sprayed with cooking spray

Put two slices of COOKED bacon and some cheese in the middle and fold over

Add toothpicks (or skewers) to hold breast closed

Cook on 350 for about 40 mins

About 5 mins before done add some cheese to the top..YUMMY!


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