“Bacon Birds” Jalapeno’s on the grill threaded with Bacon

IrishHotSauce.com Bacon Birds

You heard it here first. We’re coining a new term to describe a merging of two great things. Jalapeno peppers and bacon.  We now introduce to you BACON BIRDS.

It’s very simple to make. Core out your peppers  removing the seeds and make a square incision on each side of the pepper.  Grill the peppers until they are soft. Put a little cheese inside but not higher than the incisions for the bacon. Thread the bacon through carefully. Now fill the rest of the pepper with cheese if desired.  Return to grill to melt the cheese.

These Bacon birds will take flight at any barbecue.  Grabbing the bird by the wing makes it an easy appetizer to get a hold of.


IrishHotSauce.com Bacon Birds

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