Beef and Vegetable Pepper Pot – from the IRISH PUB COOKBOOK


Got my Amazon order of the book THE IRISH PUB COOKBOOK

Pretty nice book, lots of great recipes. Everything from appetizers to desserts.

I decided to try the Beef and Vegetable Pepper Pot recipe first. Obviously I can’t re-post the recipe here. You’ll have to buy the book if you want it.

Here’s a link to where I bought it Check it out on Amazon 

This recipe yielded enough food for two adults with plenty of left overs. I imagine it could have served a party of 4.  The pictures I took didn’t nearly turn out as good as the one in the book but I’m not a professional food photographer.

I tweaked the recipe a bit to include hot peppers. It calls for green and red peppers. I felt compelled to add cayenne peppers. I tasted it pre hot peppers and it was delicious on its own for sure. For those who like it hot works great with cayenne peppers.




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