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The Face on Pluto – Grey Alien

The Face of Mars has competition Face on Pluto – Grey Alien

Congrats to Virgin Galactic and the SpaceShipTwo team on another successful flight test

Mojave California SpaceShipTwo Launch

NBC has a nice write up on the events that unfolded today.  Space tourism is here. The future is looking bright!   Here’s the NBC Story   Check out the youtube clip of the launch

Review of McDonald’s Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder


Image Credit: Fast food just got a little more spicy. McDonald’s recently released a new Quarter Pounder that’s layered in Habanero sauce.  The only thing Irish about this sandwich is the Mc in McDonalds but this blog is not

Keltic or Seltic? How do you say Celtic? That is the question

Celtic Say it right

I recently had a conversation with a relative of mine about various Irish topics. At one point he stopped and corrected me. I said Keltic and he said actually it’s pronounced Seltic. I thought he was kidding. I realized he

Space Oddity – Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station

This is awesome. A must see. News reports are saying Chris Hadfield did a great job lip syncing however the credits say all vocal and guitar is the Commander himself.  Great stuff!!!

UFO Documentary Sirius Theatrical Trailer – Pre Order to watch April 22nd


I warned you all I may post some UFO stuff in the random babble category Check out the trailer for Sirius, a new documentary based on the work of Dr. Steven Greer. This is exciting for a few reasons. There

More and more like it hot

Heat Index Charts 3-13

Republishing a press release below describing two new indexes to track usage of 30 different hot peppers over time. Bottom line European and American markets are growing.  American’s are demanding hotter foods and buying more peppers.  Hot & Spicy is

Half Empty Bottle of Wild Irish Rose – George Jones


One of my fond memories growing up was sitting in my Dad’s 1980 Ford F150 listening to an 8-track also from 1980. George Jones’ “I am what I am”.  I was 8 years old and hadn’t discovered heavy metal yet.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is great way to fight childhood cancer


Ok it’s still tax season.  I just itemized my expenses and charitable contributions. I noticed I didn’t donate nearly as much in 2012 as the previous years. I made it a personal goal to donate more in 2013.  That all being said

New Pepsi bottle design


Pepsi is updating the shape of their bottles. They’re probably saving money on the smaller label while giving the ability for consumers to see more of the product. I can’t wait to grip one and see if my carple tunnel