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CO2GAS Company

Dispense Gas for Your Pub Drinks.

CO2Gas is your specialist supplier of drinks dispense gas and cellar gas equipment with expert knowledge and commitment to providing the right solution

You may not know it yet but dispensing gas is a crucial and key component to one of the nation’s favourite beverages. We are, of course, talking about beer and larger. Why is beer fizzy, is a question often most asked, and what role does dispensing gas play in the important make-up of such a tasty drink.

In most cases all beer leaves the brewer already carbonated, this is accomplished in one of two ways, natural and then forced carbonation. Draught beer is however slightly different as it is served from a cask or keg as opposed to the more traditional bottle or can. What helps give draught beer its unique taste and texture is the way it is pressurised with a partial nitrogen gas blend.

For keg beers pressurised CO2 gas in the kegs headspace maintains the great tasting carbonation in the beer. The pressure varies depending on the amount of CO2 in the beer and dispensing the correct amount of gas is essential in getting a great tasting pint. Different types of alcohol may use alternative methods and gasses.

For example, nitrogen is used under pressure when dispensing dry stouts such as Guinness and other creamy beers because it displaces the carbon dioxide to for a nice tight head and a less carbonated taste. This helps give the stouts their unique and smooth taste and blend.

Beer from the traditional pressure-dispensed bar tap is served with the aid of external pressure from a cylinder of carbon dioxide. This is where dispensing gas and having a reliable and respected beer gas supplier is so essential for all publicans. After all, who likes a flat pint? Unless it is ale of course. The only drawback of this system is the frothy head which can be produced, meaning beer often needs to set or be ‘topped’ before consumption. This also means an inexperienced bartender may require a bit of practice before they pour the perfect pint.

So then, everyone raise a glass to the valuable gasses that make enjoying the perfect pint worthwhile.

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