Fried Chicken Legs on the grill – Spicy

Ready for another black iron skillet on the grill recipe? Down home Tennessee style!!
8 chicken legs
3 tbls McCoy’s THIS
self rising flour
salt pepper
peanut oil or crisco
black iron skillet
Mix McCoy’s Irish Hot Sauce into buttermilk into large bowl then add chicken legs and let marinate for three hours covered in refrigerator.
Take out and drench each leg into flour seasoned with salt and pepper.
Have your black iron skillet on the grill heating up.
When hot enough put 4 legs in and keep turning until every thing is crisp.
You can put the finished legs into the oven on parchment paper on a cookie sheet to keep warm while finishing up the rest.
You can also do wings or any part of the chicken with this recipe.

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