Get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift McCoy’s THIS

McCoy's Hot & Mild Gift Set

For a limited time you can get this special 2 pack Father’s Day gift.

McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce – (THIS)

We are offering FREE shipping with this must have Father’s day gift. 

Gift includes 2 bottles (Mild/Hot), 2 Bar coasters in the shown gift bag with “FREE” shipping.

Only $21.99 These are LARGE 8oz bottles. 

McCoy’s Thick Hot Irish Sauce or (THIS), has achieved success with many Pubs and restaurants in Illinois, New Jersey, Miami, San Diego, Albuquerque – even in Montana and beyond.  THIS is a condiment made in Hot and Mild recipes and can be used on anything that you would put ketchup on like eggs, burgers, fries, bangers and much more.

  • THIS is an authentic Irish/American family recipe of specially blended peppers and over 15 other ingredients that make it thick so it will stay on your Pub grub and not run all over the plate.
  • THIS will augment your food and NOT overpower it with heat.  We have won taste-testing competitions simply because THIS “tastes” better.
  • THIS is All Natural, Gluten-free, low in Sodium & has 0 grams of fat!


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