Irish Appetizer for Super Bowl – Reuben Sliders using McCoys Irish Dressing

McCoys Irish Dressing

Try this delicious open face Reuben slider recipe.  See below. These are easy to make, and also easy to make many at once. Perfect for a Super Bowl party or just two guys/gals sitting around watching the big game.

The key ingredient to this is a brand new product called McCoy’s Irish Dressing.  This is a unique GOURMET salad dressing comparable to Thousand Island and/or Mary Rose sauce except in our opinion WAY WAY BETTER. You be the judge pick up a bottle or two on Amazon today. We ship immediately. Free shipping on our two pack.

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1 package cocktail rye bread
Baby Swiss cheese
Corned beef slices
McCoy’s Irish dressing (Buy it on Amazon: Click here Free shipping on two pack)


Take your cocktail rye bread and spread McCoy’s Irish dressing on it. Add one teaspoon of sauerkraut, corned beef and top off with baby Swiss cheese.  Place under the broiler until cheese bubbles.

They are so good you wont be able to eat just one. An alternative idea is to use the cocktail rye bread with McCoy’s Irish Dressing spread on top then top with grilled shrimp. Very easy recipe to make many appetizers at once. Not to mention they are absolutely delicious.

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