Irish O’Garlic Brats Soaked in Harp Beer and Grilled.

Irish O'Garlic Johnsonville Brats on the grill

In our previous blog we wrote about Mars Cheese Castle. We found some wonderful products there.  Specifically Harps Lager, Johnsonville Irish O’Garlic Brats and Irish Harp Cheddar. I can’t find these Irish O’Garlic Brats anywhere but Mars Cheese, so if you’re local to Kenosha Wisconsin be sure to check that blog out.

Cooking with this combination of products was very simple. I slit the brats down the middle and soaked them in Harps overnight.  I then grilled them on the charcoal grill.  Before I took them off the grill however I layered the Irish Harp cheese over the brats and let the heat of the grill melt the cheese.

Served on a bun with McCoys THIS. That’s it. You can taste the Harps in the meat. Hands down best brat I ever had.  Enjoy!

Irish O'Garlic Brats soaked in Harp beer

Irish O’Garlic Brats soaked in Harp beer

Irish Cheese Harp

Irish Cheese Harp

 Cheddar Cheese Irish Harp by Wisconsin Cheese Mart

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