Keltic or Seltic? How do you say Celtic? That is the question

Celtic Say it right

I recently had a conversation with a relative of mine about various Irish topics. At one point he stopped and corrected me. I said Keltic and he said actually it’s pronounced Seltic. I thought he was kidding. I realized he wasn’t and didn’t want to debate him on it and certainly I have heard it said both ways so I conceded well that’s how I like to say it.

I never realized that a lot of people actually don’t know how to say the word Celtic. If you’re using it as an adjective it’s a hard C “Keltic”. If you’re referring to a sporting team it’s generally a soft C “Seltic”

The Boston Celtics and Glasgow Celtic soccer club are pronounced with an S. I have no idea why. Description Here

After also reading a few articles on the web which by default makes it true! :-)…. It seems Irish American’s tend to say Seltic more often than not.  The correct way is Keltic.

Now I’m sure I will get a few nasty grams about how your great grand pappy use to say Seltic and he swam here from Ireland in 1910.  In that case I’m guessing your grand pappy founded the Boston Celtics.

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