Mars Cheese Castle – One stop shopping for Irish, cheese and hot sauce products

Mars Cheese Castle Wisconsin

If I died and went to heaven I would imagine the pearly gate gift shop would look like Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s a gift shop, it’s a grocery store, it’s a restaurant, it’s a bakery, it’s a liquor store and it’s a pub.

You can find a variety of hot sauces. Some are frankly novelty if you’re into buying crazy labels with the same sauce in every bottle. They also have some quality sauces including an end cap dedicated to Blair products.

What really surprises me about this store is they have a lot of Irish products.  Irish cheeses that’s a no brainer but they also carry Irish beers and some Irish meats.  Check out some of the photos from the store.

They do not however at the moment carry McCoy’s THIS. We will keep you updated if that changes in the near future. It’s definitely a perfect location for the product.

Mars Cheese Castle can’t be missed if you’re driving down 94. It’s a convient location right off the exit ramp.  Thier website (Mars Cheese Castle) doesn’t do any justice to how wonderful the store is in person. Check it out in person you wont be disappointed.






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