Molly Malone’s Irish Pub and Restaurant – Kentucky

Molly Malone's Irish Pub

I’m from Chicago and there’s no shortage of Irish Pubs here but when I travel south I like to make note of good pubs en route.  I’m planning a trip south soon and will be heading straight through the heart of Louisville, Kentucky.  Louisville is rich in Irish heritage.  They also have a pretty killer Irish Festival every year too but I’ll save that for another blog.

Most people don’t realize how close Louisville is from Cincinnati, OH.  It’s roughly and hour and half drive.  This is important if you’re a serial Pub scouter like me because in this scenario I stumbled upon a set of three authentic Irish owned and operated Pubs managed by the same people.  

Molly Malone’s has three locations and one is at the foot of the Roebling bridge in Roebling Point, Covington, KY, across the river from Paul Brown stadium & the Great American Ball Park of Cincinnati.  The other two locations are ten minutes from each other in Louisville and St. Matthews.

For those looking for an executive summary: Great Food, Great People, Sports on TV, Live Music – Irish Music, Bluegrass Jam sessions, Karaoke and DJs too.

Pub Website:

Find information on the real Molly Malone which the Pubs are named after here.

They all three carry the same great menu.  Everything from Irish Mussels (no not the beer muscles you get after ten pints), corned beef cabbage  Irish lamb stew, fish and chips and shepards pie to name a few. Why change a good menu. The consistency of the food among the three is a big plus.

They have a winning sandwich of the 2013 Polly Campbell’s “Sandwich hall of fame.” The Fish Sandwich; 6oz fillet of beer battered north Atlantic cod on a lightly toasted marbled rye bread with lettuce, tomato, onion & topped with Molly’s own tartar sauce.

However there are unique qualities about each of these pubs so I recommend you visit their website and explore their respective “About” and “Calendar” pages for each location if you’re planning a visit.

I particularly like the outdoor seating and live Irish music.  The Covington location (closest to Cincinnati) has live Irish Music on Tuesdays and Monday’s it has a Bluegrass Jam Sessions @ 8pm–Featuring Northern Kentucky’s best bluegrass musicians playing in-front of the fireplace on Molly’s 1st Floor. Again check their website it’s very up to date and informational.

So this summer I’ll be making a pass at one, two or maybe all three of these pubs during my travels.  Their self described description probably sold me the most. ”Deliver us from theme park-style bars. An Irish pub should be what an Irish pub is: a friendly neighborhood gathering place. Molly Malone’s in Covington has the atmosphere down. Couples gather at the bar, knots of friends huddle around the bar tables, and the burble of conversation is constant.”


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