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Rare Irish Metal Sign

If you’re doing some decorating I came across a great resource. Rare Irish Stuff. They have posters, metal signs, photos from of your Irish hometown, brass items for the wall and some incredibly rare collector items.  The one that caught my eye was this piece of John F. Kennedy memorabilia.

Official Houses of the Oireachtas, Joint Sitting, Visit of President Kennedy, Bound 1963, Original 30 Page Rare Transcript.

Signed by one of Ireland’s most infamous men, Dan Breen, who sparked the War of Independence and was the most wanted man in Ireland after shooting his way out of a police seige escaping with 22 bullet wounds.

If you’re decorating a pub or your home watering hole this is for sure the website for you.  Plenty of really unique odds and ends to compliment an Irish decor.

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