The TASTE – out of this world?


ABC has a new show called The Taste on Tuesday nights 8/7c

Another over dramatized contestant show in my opinion.  It would probably be more interesting if they made it like American Idol. The first round of contestants are purposely horrible cooks. The food so horrible in fact the judges in the blind taste test throw up and start a food fight with contestants as the credits are rolling.

I will give them this, throwing amateurs into the mix is a nice twist. I’m willing to bet there’s quite a few really good amateur cooks out there waiting to be discovered.  Maybe they’ll get rich and be able to hire a personal chef.

Ok I’m not done. The set for The Taste seriously looks like a UFO and it has a platform in the middle to beam people up.  Yes I took a picture of my TV while watching a recording of it.

Can you imagine being abducted by aliens and their space ship light years from home is actually a galactic TV game show?  They make you cook a meal in 5 minutes or less or you get dumped in the Arizona desert like a mutilated cow! wow who’s hungry?!?!


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